Rajima Danish

Rajima Danish-Engel

Hello everyone and welcome to the Ventura County Management Council website! We hope you enjoy looking around these pages and learning more about the Council and the educational, networking, and professional development opportunities we aim to bring to all our current and future members.

My vision for our future together is to create even more ways for our work to be intersectional in topic, collaborative across departments and fields, focused on actionable change that we can take on from any role, and to strive to utilize innovative and evidence-based practices for leadership development whenever possible.

Our Board hopes to be responsive to the real-time needs of our members, so if you are interested in learning more about any of our planned activities, are looking for ways to participate, or want to share ideas and feedback on how the Council can better serve the County’s staff, please reach out at management.council@ventura.org.


Rajima Danish-Engel