Membership within the Management Council is aimed at putting our organization on a firmer financial basis, independent of the vagaries of annual budget decisions and reliance on our dwindling reserve funds. In addition to securing greater fiscal stability for our budget, instituting membership dues will also provide for enhanced accountability by the leadership, greater individual member’s responsibility for the organization, and hopefully enhanced ownership of and involvement in Council programs, activities, and priorities by our members.

Membership Benefits

  • $3.00/pay period dues.
  • Eligible to vote and run for office for Council Board positions.
  • Eligible for a discount for all Council events for members and a guest.

Everyone included in the “Management, Confidential Clerical, and Other” Resolution is eligible for membership in the council. Any who choose not to pay dues are not considered members. Although non-dues paying members (“Associates”) will continue to receive the newsletter and can attend (albeit at full price) Council events, they are not eligible to vote, hold office, nor receive any of the benefits extended to dues paying members.

Join the Management Council

Membership registration needs to be sent in via hard copy format so please click on the link below to download the pdf file. Once you have completed your form please send to: Auditor-Controller at